Learn English – Which is correct — “email me [on/at] x@y.com”?


Which variant is the correct one:

  • email me on xxx@xxx.com
  • email me at xxx@xxx.com
  • email me to xxx@xxx.com

Or should another preposition go there?

Best Answer

In American English we always say email me at.

I think it's fairly arbitrary but, it agrees with the terminology set forth by the @(at) symbol itself.

I believe this was chosen due to the original email addresses being held on servers owned by companies and universities. If you were John who worked for IBM, you could be referred to as John at IBM. Hence John@IBM.com.

These virtual addresses also borrow from terminology from physical and other electronic addresses.

Physical addresses are usually denoted as at. I'm at 473 Main Street. But you can send mail to 473 Main Street.

Telephone usage is likewise ambiguous in this. You can say: I can be reached at (123)456-7890. Or you can say, I can be reached on Ext. 473. In this case it seems to be differentiated by whether or not you are using an extension or line vs the phone number.

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