Learn English – Which is correct “women’s clothing” or “womens clothing”?


When I typed the search into Google most of the responses were websites selling clothing and the ratio of womens versus women's was about 1:1. Searching for mens versus men's and the version with apostrophes appears almost 90% of the time. For boys versus boy's or girls versus girl's it is a 3:2 ratio in favor of no apostrophes.

So there's a general trend for leaving the apostrophe out. But "womens" looks wrong.

I suppose the same question applies to public bathrooms as well. Is the women's room or the womens room?

Best Answer

Women's room is "correct" as it follows the typical orthography rules. There is the possessive 's after the word "women." Women's room is correct because you want to use the possessive (men's, women's).

"Womens" is "incorrect" by any standard. It should never appear.

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