Learn English – word/adverb that describes that “something was done which shouldn’t have been done”


Is there a word for "something was done which shouldn't have been done" in the English language?

For example, let's say a soldier fires a shot even though his commander ordered a cease fire, you could say:
"The soldier erroneously/fallaciously fired a shot, despite the order of his superior officer."

Is there a better word for erroneously/fallaciously in this context?
Something that places more emphasis on the fact that it was an action that was performed by the subject which [under general consensus] was explicitly advised against or even prohibited to be performed by the subject.

Erroneously/fallaciously places more emphasis on that it was "wrong", but I'm looking for something else here…

Best Answer

Okay, I'll throw my hat into the ring with inexplicably.

The soldier inexplicably fired a shot, despite the order of his superior officer.

This phrasing leaves the issue of right and wrong open, since the reasons for the action are unexplained.

In a way that cannot be explained or accounted for.
• ‘many crucial documents had inexplicably disappeared
• ‘somehow, inexplicably, I was back where I had begun
Oxford Living Dictionaries