Learn English – Word for a computer user without administrative access/privileges


I'm looking for a suitable word to describe a computer application user, who has no administrator privileges. To contextualize this, the application relates to the management of skills/abilities within a business environment, and this would be a level of access whereby a person could see their own data only.

The context is as follows:

Level  Term           Description
3      Super User     Highest level of access
2      Administrator  Medium/custom-level of access
1      ?????          Basic access

I found a similar question here, but the context is different and therefore the suggestions are not appropriate.

Words that have been considered but deemed unsuitable are:

  • User – too general, and a Super User and Administrator are also "users", so this was confusing
  • Basic – not contextual enough, and maybe construed as relating to "stupid"
  • Standard – not contextual enough
  • Student – the software is not academic, and this relates too closely to education
  • General – best so far

Best Answer

This is often called an unprivileged user.

The Linux man page for user_namespaces starts:

User namespaces isolate security-related identifiers and attributes, in particular, user IDs and group IDs (see credentials(7)), the root directory, keys (see keyrings(7)), and capabilities (see capabilities(7)). A process's user and group IDs can be different inside and outside a user namespace. In particular, a process can have a normal unprivileged user ID outside a user namespace while at the same time having a user ID of 0 inside the namespace; in other words, the process has full privileges for operations inside the user namespace, but is unprivileged for operations outside the namespace.

Microsoft's security best practices include headers that use similar terms:

Creating Unprivileged Accounts to Manage Privileged Accounts

Apple refers to unprivileged applications in security bulletins:

By registering for a hotkey event, an unprivileged application could log keystrokes entered into other applications even when secure input mode was enabled. This issue was addressed by additional validation of hotkey events.

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