Learn English – Word for a group or series of stories that do not relate but are published under the same name


I am looking for a word that describes a collection of short stories that are published either in a single book or under the same series name. They will all have been published by the same author.

I have been operating under the pretense that the word was non sequitur (much like the comic) but have found that this is wrong.

I am not thinking of an anthology. Similarly, florilegium is too complex/obscure for what I am looking for.

Update to provide more context: The stories may or may not have any connection to each other, but were always meant to be published together. When I think of an "anthology" I get the feeling that the stories were published a separate time and compiled later.

I am looking to ask the author some questions to see if there there is over-arching connection that I may have missed…

Are the stories in this book {insert word I am looking for}, or are they actually connected?

Best Answer

A word that would fit in your sentence, and imply that the stores are not related, is indepedent.

Are the stories in this book independent, or are they a related series?