Learn English – Word for a male that prefers female companions (no slang such as “pimp”)


I am looking for a word describing a man who has a lot of female friends, and who prefers female friends.

I was "Wikipedia surfing" (going through Wikipedia pages and clicking on links found within the wiki), and I came upon the page of a man who had a lot of female friends, and there was a word that described that attribute succinctly.

I do not remember any details about the bloke. I looked up the word (I seemingly immediately forgot it), and, to tell the truth, I am unsure whether the word defined "someone who has a lot of friends of the opposite sex" (which, if true, means in my memory I incorrectly paired the word's definition to his gender), or more specifically, "a man who has a lot of female friends (and/or) prefers female companionship", where companionship does not insinuate sexual relationships.

If there were two words for the two definitions I just gave that'd be all the better! I have tried to remember for quite a while to no success.

An update: perhaps an example for some clarification is necessary. Imagine a scenario where you have a gay man (who has never had sexual interests in women) who has all female friends, who know he is gay, and no male friends. Here he prefers the companionship of women, and not of men; thus, he could be a "ladies' man", but only speciously, since I believe the word implies some yearning, from either the women or the "ladies' man", to copulate, which doesn't exist here. The word would also apply for a lesbian who only has male friends (who she has no desire to copulate with), and who thus prefers them as companions. So, generally, we'd get: "someone who prefers the company of members of the opposite sex". I hope this clarifies the request some. Thank you.

Best Answer

After doing some round-about searching (i.e., searching the wiki archives starting with "friendship"), I believe I found the word I was looking for: heterosocial, meaning prefering non-sexual relations with the opposite sex. Thus the man in question (whose wiki page I'm likely to never come across again) was exclusively heterosocial, ascribing to him a fondness (of a non-sexual nature) of only female acquaintances and who, with a dearth of a heteronormative love life, could be perceived to be homosexual.