Learn English – word for a “promise breaker”


I'm somewhat vexed in that I cannot think of a word that means a "promise breaker" or "person who breaks a promise". There are words that may subsume that, such as "miscreant" or "liar", but I cannot come up with an English word that is limited to a person who breaks promises.

The closest I've come is "piker", which is (a) informal and (b) limited to Australia/NZ, but means (according to the dictionary on my Mac):

a person who withdraws from a commitment.

Is there a more formal and common word that can be used to refer to people who break promises?

Best Answer


renege, renegue vb (intr; often foll by on)
to go back (on one's promise, etc.)
reneger , reneguer n

Reneger vs. oath breaker ngram:

ngram of 'reneger' and 'oath breaker' 1920-2010, reneger leading in use approx 1960, oath breaker leading in use approx 1930s and early 2000s