Learn English – Word for more than several, but less than many


What word or sequence of words can I use if I have more than several, but less than many? E.g. if I have 10–15 of something, it may not be many (depending on context), but it's too many to be several. What word or phrase can I use?

  • There are many studies which show… (not true, in my context I don't consider 10–15 is many)
  • There are 10 studies which show… (not correct, it's not exactly 10 and I don't know the exact number, nor is it relevant)
  • There are several studies which show… (not correct, 10 is too many to be several)
  • There is a number of studies which show… (means nothing? 0 is a number, as is 1000?)

What is the correct word or sequence of words here?

Best Answer

A 'dozen' is exactly 12, but you can use that for approximation, as well: 'there are around a dozen' or 'approximately a dozen'.

Alternatively, you can just say 'around 10', 'around 15', etc.

You can also say 'over 10' or 'at least 10' which implies that the number is close to 10.