Learn English – Word for seeing both sides of an argument


This feeling can often be paralyzing in that you see valid points on either side; makes you not able to choose a side.

Seeing can also be understanding, supporting, taking active part in.

I'm looking for words that don't imply a "Janus"/traitor tone or the ambivalence tone, but the (property of the) process that precedes the paralyzing feeling and whose property is more reminiscent of walking a mile in another man's shoes.

Tag says single-word but multi-word adjectives can be okay. I usually shy away from just adding -y to make adjectives.

Sorry for the vague wording, I'll happily take suggestions on how to word this better. Thanks! 🙂

"And above all, I hope __ will become the preferred method to prepare for debate, to: …"

It's a two-sided process of analysis involving attacks and reconciliations of attacks.

I was hoping for an established academic term for this, but perhaps none exist. I will embrace an inventive new word for this! This is a paper for peer review, so the meaning should be apparent to academics.

Best Answer

Now that I understand what you want, 'dialectic' not only seems to answer the meaning you're after but also (since you say you're confronting an audience of philosophers) provides you additional opportunity to display your erudition by distinguishing, in highly technical detail, the Erlandssonian (Erlandssonic?) Dialectic from the Socratic and Hegelian.