Learn English – Word for someone who feels complete again, but not in the same way as they once were


I am writing a story about a girl who once was complete, but now has lost what made her feel whole. She has tried to replace it with the same thing but failed. Now she has replaced it with something else and is, in a way, complete but not entirely since she is still missing that one thing that could make her feel that way. So, I am looking for a word to describe that state of feeling entirely complete, and being complete… but then again no.
I thought of, having the illusion of being complete, but it doesn't really fit my idea.
Please help me.

Best Answer

This idea has the sense of lacking closure, where the situation (from the character's point of view) is missing full resolution (see especially senses 2 and 2.1 in the link). In literature, such a case witholds general emotional satisfaction from the character, as well as from the reader who might empathize with him or her.