Learn English – word for the person who hides truth in order to deceive


Let's say I caused a minor car crash some time ago and today I meet a woman. The conversation goes:

Woman: Hey, I remember that car with the scratch from the crash last
week, you must be the one who caused it.

Me: Are you sure? It didn't
necessarily have to be me, I see a car with a scratch like this almost every

What I was referring to was that I see the car every day when I drive it.

Is there a word for this?

Best Answer

I never lie. I do, however, occasionally deceive. For example if someone asks me something I don't want to tell them, saying "I don't know" is a lie. Saying "I'm not allowed to tell you" may reveal the information, or encourage them to try harder to get it out of me. But "oh, I really couldn't say" or "yeah, nothing's been announced yet" often cause people to believe that I don't know, even though they are technically not lies.