Learn English – word that covers listening to a song, watching a show, playing a game, etc


I'm working on a site and I need a word that covers when "a user has ____ a movie, song, or book."

Another example would be "these are all the songs, movies, shows, etc. you have ____."

The types include songs, shows, movies, books and games.

For shows and movies there's watched; books, read;
games, played.

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Quite an unusual question there! Consider an unusual answer then:


To consume a cake is to eat it, the idea being that you ate the whole thing. To say a fire consumed a building is to say that the entire building was destroyed. Consume means to devour, to take in, to use up. The United States is often referred to as a consumer society because our economy is based on things being consumed. Whether it's gas, clothes, burgers, music, or anything that we use up as we purchase it, it's something that we consume. If we consume all the oil, there will be none left to burn.

consume (verb) 2. use up (resources or materials)

I get 3 million Google search results each for "consume a book", "consume a song", and "consume a movie". Check out "consumption of entertainment" also.

From Tumblr:

Basically, “reconsumption” is when you voluntarily “consume” the same experience over and over again. This obviously relates to repeating the same media [book/movie/song/etc] but it also relates to activities like going to the same place at a beach.

From Google Books:

My basic theoretical assumption regarding audience is the rather simple but well-grounded contention that audiences consume particular forms of entertainment ...