[Ethereum] Accidentally sent ETC to an ETH address


I incorrectly sent some ETC from my bter account to an ETH address on Poloniex.



After waiting for a couple of months on a response they told me: "I'm sorry, your ETH deposit address is blockchain specific so ETC can not be recovered from it."

Is there still anything I can do, or are the coins really lost forever?

What is a blockchain specific deposit address anyways?


Thanks for the responses. I mentioned the private key, but they specifically replied with the fact that my ETH address is "blockchain specific". What does that mean?


I keep getting a flag that the question has been asked before, but I see no mention of contracts in the one I'm referred to. How is it a duplicate question then?

Best Answer

Gone forever most likely. If you have the private key of the ETH address on Poloniex then it is the same on ETC, so you did send the ETC to that address on the ETC chain, you just don't have control. Maybe poloniex will be nice if you ask them for the private key on that address, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

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