[Ethereum] Am I Able To Save Remix.IDE Files To My Device


I am a computer science student and for my coursework, I want to write a smart contract program. I discovered the Remix.IDE is a web-based IDE, not like previous IDEs I have used, such as IDLE for Python. I would like to code my project in Solidility preferably 0.6.3.

I was wondering is it possible to:

A) Get a downloaded version of this IDE where I can run my projects- one similar to Python's IDLE.

B) Save files from the Web Remix IDE to my laptop? If the answer is yes, how would I do that?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge I am very new to Ethereum and smart contracts.

Thank you for reading.

Best Answer

You can install remix on your pc so you can run it offline.

Download remix from:


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