[Ethereum] Can’t send transaction — “Exceeds block gas limit” or “Intrinsic gas too low”


I'm trying to send Ether using geth 1.3.5, like this:

  from: eth.accounts[0], 
  value: web3.toWei(5, "ether"), 

And I'm getting "Exceeds block gas limit"

When I try:

with gas=5000 I get "Intrinsic gas too low"

Executing eth.getBlock("latest").gasLimit yields 5000.

Any ideas how to execute a transaction? I synced the blockchain using –fast. Any help appreciated!

Best Answer

21,000 gas is the minimum for sending a transaction. If you are sending ether to a contract which has a fallback function then that function will require extra gas to run. Since unspent gas is refunded automatically, change your code to something like the following with a higher gas value.

eth.sendTransaction({from:eth.accounts[0], to:'0x[ADDRESS_HERE]', value: web3.toWei(5, "ether"), gas:100000});

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