[Ethereum] Embedding image data in the contract of ERC20 compliant tokens


I've seen plenty of ERC20 token sales and ICOs lately, and a few sites have sprung up to track the value of various ERC20 compliant tokens. Most of these sites show images or logos associated with the tokens alongside the token ticker symbols. But as far as I know, these sites are just getting the images online or from the token creators to display on their sites.

I'm sure that it's possible store a tiny logo inside your token's contract, such that these sites could just grab the logo from the blockchain. It would probably cost a lot of gas depending on the resolution of the image, but it's theoretically possible.

So are any tokens that do this already, or is are there proposed additions to the ERC20 standard that includes the addition of tiny logo image data in the contracts?

Best Answer

You can't, nor are there any proposals for adding image data into the ERC20 standard.

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