[Ethereum] error: replacement transaction underpriced


Im trying to send a raw transaction using web3 to ropsten testnet and Im getting this error:

replacement transaction underpriced

where sometimes my tx works and sometimes I get this error.

my tx parameters:

const nonce = web3.eth.getTransactionCount(ethereumConfig.contract.account)
const block = web3.eth.getBlock("latest")
const gasLimit = block.gasLimit
const gasPrice = web3.eth.gasPrice.toNumber() * 1.40 

note I'm already adding 40% to gasPrice

Best Answer

I have been running into this issue as well. The network thinks you are trying to replace an existing unmined transaction. There are two ways to avoid this:

  1. Adding a gas price %10 higher than the existing unmined transaction's gas price.
  2. Increase your nonce to one higher than the unmined transaction.

I have also been getting this error:

"Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks, please make sure your transaction was properly send. Be aware that it might still be mined!"

In my case, I think the transaction is getting stuck in limbo somehow. It's not being mined by anyone, but it's not being removed from the pool of unmined transactions. Keep in mind that web3.eth.getTransactionCount(walletAddress) will only give you the last CONFIRMED nonce. So it won't take the unmined ones into account.

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