[Ethereum] ethminer Failed to submit hashrate


I keep getting an error: ethminer Failed to submit hashrate 🙁
I am very new to this whole mining thing, and just want to learn more.
I am using:

Version: 1.5.0-unstable

ethminer version 1.2.7
Build: Linux/g++/Interpreter/RelWithDebInfo

This is the error:

miner  10:16:59.788|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #d89fc0ca… : 2759410 H/s = 1572864 hashes / 0.57 s
  ✘  10:16:59.808|ethminer  Failed to submit hashrate.
  ✘  10:16:59.808|ethminer  Dynamic exception type: jsonrpc::JsonRpcException
std::exception::what: Exception -32700 : JSON_PARSE_ERROR: The JSON-Object is not JSON-Valid:  Database Error

I've used the commands (to start mining):

./build/bin/geth --rpc --rpccorsdomain localhost

./libethereum/ethminer/ethminer -G -F http://ethereumpool.co/?miner=10@[ADDRESS]@myrig

Btw I am guessing that [ADDRESS] is my coinbase (ethereum account on geth), is that right?

Any ideas why this is happening? I am currently using the develop branch from geth and Ubuntu Xenial

Best Answer

Your client is trying to submit something to the server that's operated by the pool. Instead of returning valid json like it should; the server returns a string:

Database Error

It seems obvious to me there is nothing you can do to 'fix' this. It's a problem with the pool. All you can do is retry.

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