[Ethereum] GDDR5X mining memory clock issue


I'm a little bit confused by the fact that my GTX 1080 which has effective memory clock of 10.8 GHz gives only ~25 MH/s while people reporting their GTX 1070 cards give up to 40 MH/s.

As far as I know there are some technical differences between memory types GDDR5X and GDDR5, but does the first really slow down ethereum mining efficiency?

Anyone else using gtx 1080 for mining purposes, maybe there are some fixes available? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

I'm getting about 25 MH/s with a GTX 1070. I'm not overclocking mine but I'd be kind of surprised to see 40, averaged over time. My understanding with GDDR5X is that the specs are better but the software is just not optimized for it yet.

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