[Ethereum] geth –dev mining


Newbie here.

I ran geth --dev and then geth --dev attach on another console and everything is looking fine.

When I run miner.start() I can see on my geth --dev window that there are some blocks being mined…

What does this mean? what blocks am I mining if I'm the only one in the network? when I run geth --dev dont I need to sync a blockchain?(I guess there isn't one since I just created it on the provate network but the first question still persists)

Any pointers/tutorials on geth commands/deeper explanation?

Best Answer

According to geth --help, the --dev option puts you in "Developer mode: pre-configured private network with several debugging flags". You are running a private network of your own.

FWIW I spent a few days trying to figure out from the docs how to get started and summarised my own newbie findings here - may help https://alanbuxton.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/first-steps-with-ethereum-private-networks-and-smart-contracts-on-ubuntu-16-04/

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