[Ethereum] Geth – How to clear queued transactions


When typing txpool on Geth I get:

  status: {
    pending: 15,
    queued: 714
  getStatus: function()

I don't even know why there are 714 queued transactions when there should be none. I guess I messed something up.

More importantly, my wallet just sent a week-old transaction to my kraken.com deposit that didn't go through at the time due to whatever reason but did now that I had sufficient ether.

How can I clear the transaction queue to prevent this from happening again?

Best Answer

Not a great solution, but it works:

  1. Exit geth
  2. Delete your geth/transactions.rlp file
  3. Restart geth and pending transactions should be empty (running eth.pendingTransactions outputs [])
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