[Ethereum] How long is the first sync supposed to last


I've been running Geth (latest version) for around 12 hours and it's still not finished.

The command prompt shows this :

INFO [05-21|12:05:00] Imported new chain segment               blocks=1  txs=9   mgas=0.748 elapsed=40.047ms   mgasps=18.687 number=3742904 hash=f8fd6e…fce9f8

INFO [05-21|12:05:29] Imported new chain segment               blocks=1  txs=2   mgas=0.044 elapsed=16.018ms   mgasps=2.741  number=3742905 hash=04b0be…3d64cd

INFO [05-21|12:05:38] Imported new chain segment               blocks=1  txs=66  mgas=2.851 elapsed=95.126ms   mgasps=29.971 number=3742906 hash=157014…c50cc5

By the way, my Internet speed isn't that bad, check it out

Internet Speed

Is this normal ? Should I try using another client such as Parity ?

PS : I've run Geth using this command line : geth --fast --cache=1024

Best Answer

Do following steps to check the sync state:

1.) open a new geth instance and type in geth attach 2.) now type in eth.syncing

This shows you the "currentBlock" and the "highestBlock".

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