[Ethereum] How many Ethereum-based tokens are there


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The question "Naming conventions for ERC-20 instancies" got me wondering:

How many Ethereum-based tokens are there, and how does this compare to the number of tokens on other platforms?


  • Public, main (ETH) network only;
  • I'm not counting ETH as a token itself, though strictly you could argue it is;
  • ERC-20/ERC-223 or otherwise;
  • By "other platforms" I mean other, non-interoperable, blockchains;
  • I'm loosely defining "tokens" on other platforms, be they backed by smart contracts or otherwise. (…Which now has me questioning: "What is a token…?")

Best Answer

From Etherscan it says:

There are a total of 17724 Erc20 Token Contracts

Which would be all the tokens that follow the Ethereum ERC20 Token Standard Interface. I counted all the tokens on CoinMarketCap that are built on Ethereum and there is 324 (Source).

You can also see with this chart the amount of assets built on each platform, taken from this article: How Ethereum became the platform of choice for ICO’d digital assets

enter image description here

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