[Ethereum] How to burn the token without burn method in contract


while time of contract development, management decided to don't burn any token and we will use our token as utility token for apps but now they have decided to burn unsold tokens after ICO. our contract doesn't have any burn method.

is there any alternate way or public address where I can transfers token to be burnt and is this legal way?

Best Answer

Yes, you can burn the tokens simply by making them inaccessible. The typical way is to send them to address 0x0 which is typically used as a burn address.

After the tokens are sent to this kind of burn address, they become inaccessible as nobody has a private key corresponding to the address - or it's very unlike for anyone to ever acquire such a private key.

Legality always depends on your country and on many things and this is not the best forum for legal discussions.

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