[Ethereum] How to create a temporary account for testnet with funds


I'm a newbie in using the ethereum wallet.

After I completely installed and downloaded data for the testnet I create a new account but my new account has nothing (0.00 Eth).

It lead to I can't do anything by this account. I try to create a new contract but it is hopeless (the account you want to send from is empty).

Please help me create a new account (temporary with a little Ether) for the testnet.

I'm using the Etherum Wallet and deploy the contract with the UI. Please, give me some instructions for this.

Best Answer

Creating An Account In Ethereum Wallet

Start up Ethereum Wallet. Make sure that you are on testnet by selecting the menu Develop -> Network -> Testnet(Morden).

On the main page, click on Add Account, and enter your password (and remember it).

Getting Some Coins On Testnet

To get some coins to test with on testnet (from Morden),

Getting Ether

One way to get Ether is by using the Ethereum wei faucet. Just type in your account address and enjoy some free ether.

Note that the site linked to above was not working @ 01/05/2016.

You can also get some ethers from morden.ether.camp or test.ether.camp by clicking on the [Get Free Ethers] button on the top left of the page. Note that these sites were not working @ 01/05/2016.

Deploy A Contract

Please refer to The Ethereum Wallet: An Introduction for Non-Devs for a guide to deploying a contract on testnet.

Additional Notes

There are not too many active peers on the Testnet network. Synchronising your blockchain is going to take a while, with periods when no synchronising occurs as connections to the few peers drop off with the following message:

I0501 19:08:26.403691   25657 downloader.go:267] Synchronisation failed: no peers to keep download active

Just be patient. And just shutdown and restart repeatedly to speed up this process.

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