[Ethereum] How to delete or reset the blockchain in geth? (OSX)


I have a currupt Blockchain and want to hard reset the chain. what do I need to delete in order to start downloading the chain from scratch?

I know that there are 2 ethereum folders (I am on OSX):


I updated geth recently to "Homestead" 1.3.5 and get error in the terminal like:

E0306 ... 3211 trie.go:309] Dangling hash node ref 3c6233326.... leveldb: not found

and sometimes I get a bad block warning:

Bad block #1102797

Best Answer

For geth, delete $home/Libary/Ethereum/chaindata. That should wipe out the blockchain itself and let you sync from scratch. Also you probably want to do a fast sync afterwards to get back fast-ish on the chain --fast.

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