[Ethereum] How to fork the own version of ETH


I would like to understand the basics of Ethereum and i would like to clone it and make my own local currency based on Ethereum to experiment at most its capabilities.
Is there anyone that can give me some good hints on this point? I have good skills with Bitcoin related forks and i cloned a lot of different coins for education purposes in the last years.

I'm just wondering about how in example generate a new genesis hash for a an Eth fork. Anyone?

Thanks anyone in advance for the many infos you can help me to gather.

Best Answer

You should actually read Building Ethereum

Once you have installed a client, you need to download the python script that generates the Genesis file. It’s called ‘mk_genesis_block.py’, and can be downloaded here.

You will then be able to generate the Genesis block by running:

python mk_genesis_block.py --extradata hash_for_#1028201_goes_here > genesis_block.json

Read Final Steps - by Stephan Tual

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