[Ethereum] How to mine with Ethminer with parity enode


I am a totally newbie in minning, a got and old nvdia gpu, parity fully synced and ethminer installed, windows 10, created two accounts with parity, but i dont know how to mine with ethminer and how to attach the parity enode to it…

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You'll probably want to set the destination address (where the rewards go). If you have an address already, great. If you don't, then you can make one in Parity with:

 $ parity account new
Please note that password is NOT RECOVERABLE.
Type password: 
Repeat password: 

You'll be asked for a password and be given an address. Once done, you should run parity and tell it to mine to that address when required. Supposing your address is ff25a05f8be3d4c9c58d35bd32cdbe4edd6515e6, then you would run:

$ parity --author ff25a05f8be3d4c9c58d35bd32cdbe4edd6515e6

Once Parity is running and synced with the network, you can start your miner of choice. For genoil, command would be:

$ ethminer -G

Where -G for GPU mining (opencl).

Since 1.6, Parity offers Stratum protocol support (beta). This protocol has number of advantages compared to the JSON-RPC polling, which results in better hashrate and less node strain. To run parity with Stratum on, use

$ parity --author ff25a05f8be3d4c9c58d35bd32cdbe4edd6515e6 --stratum

To utilize Stratum, miner also needs to be started in Stratum mode. For genoil, it will be

$ ethminer -G -S
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