[Ethereum] How to recover the disk space space after uninstalling Ethereum Wallet on OS/X


Just to preface, I am somewhat new to Ethereum, and I'm trying to learn my way around.

So I recently downloaded the Ethereum Wallet from the Ethereum website, and I subsequently uninstalled it once I realized that it was downloading the entire blockchain, which I just don't have space for on my machine (on a mac).

However, I noticed that I am missing about 9 gigs of space on my machine even after deleting the app and the data. Any idea why I'm missing space? Any files I should delete?

Best Answer

On OS/X, Ethereum Wallet places the blockchain data in the chaindata subdirectory under $HOME/Library/Ethereum/geth.

You can remove the chaindata subdirectory.

If you want to save any private/public keys, copy $HOME/Library/Ethereum/keystore and it's contents to a backup location.

If you have no use for Ethereum Wallet on your computer, you can remove the data from your computer (after saving your keystore if necessary) by deleting $HOME/Library/Ethereum and it's contents.