[Ethereum] How to set custom gas price


Absurd Gas Prices From the BAT Token Creation Period

118 GWEI * 200000 == 0.0236 ETH == $6.13 USD
7590 GWEI * 200000 == 1.518 ETH == $394.68 USD
58000 GWEI * 200000 == 11.6 ETH == $3,016 USD

How to set custom gas price? No matter what way, I can't set gas price more than 60GWEI on MyEtherWallet.

Best Answer

MyEtherWallet prevents you from setting a gas price higher than 60 Gwei to stop people from accidentally submitting transactions with ridiculously high gas prices.

If you want to submit a gas price higher than that you should set up your own node, and sign your own transactions.

In the time it takes you to learn how to do all that, you will also realise it is completely unnecessary :)

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