[Ethereum] How to set the time to be synchronized on Parity


Under the Status Tab on Parity, I can see under Node Health that "Chain Synchronized" and "Connected Peers" are working fine.

However, under "Time Synchronized", I get the message:
"Unable to reach time API: NTP error: NTP server is not provided.. Make sure that your clock is synchronized."

Any idea how I can get the clock synchronized, and what it means now that it's not synchronized?

Thank you!

Best Answer

The source code at https://github.com/paritytech/parity/blob/master/dapps/src/api/api.rs indicates that this error message means Parity was unable to find out what time your computer's time is, relative to the network. This message does not mean that your clock is set incorrectly or requires synchronization. It is an error, but it's not fatal. As long as your clock's time is set correctly, you shouldn't have any problems related to this message and you can safely ignore the message.

If your clock is off, you can synchronize it. In Windows, you can force-synchronize your clock by going to the time-changing panel for your computer. Then, disable and re-enable the option to automatically synchronize/set your clock. Windows does not automatically synchronize your clock particularly frequently by default. You can change the frequency of synchronization using these instructions if your computer's clock is not very accurate or just to be on the safe side.

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