[Ethereum] How to transfer funds from an exchange to a wallet I control


This Q&A was spawned by the fact there's no one good place with this information. All answers will be wikis. A few of us are going to be collaborating on this effort. Please keep one answer per exchange. Feel free to add whatever you can.

The answers are solely going to cover transferring from an exchange to a wallet you already have. If you need help generating a wallet, see (todo: insert links here).

Thank you.

  1. Poloniex

  2. Kraken

  3. Gatecoin

  4. ???

Best Answer


  1. Log in to your Kraken account.

  2. Click on the "Funding Tab" and then "Withdraw" and then at the bottom, "Ether (ETH)"


  1. Click the "+ Add address" button.

  2. Add a description and your ether address. No need to fill in the data field.

  3. Save the address.

  4. Click the back button.

  5. Select the adddress you just created from the dropdown.

  6. Enter the amount.

  7. Click the green "Review Withdrawal" Button.

  8. Check it over one last time and click "Confirm Withdrawal".

  9. You can now view the withdrawal to see the status. Usually this is pretty quick. Once the "Initiated" status changes to "Success" you can access your Ether wallet on an blockchain explorer or in your wallet client and see the balance.

That's it!

A user on reddit recently made a video specifically for Kraken -> Ethereum Wallet. If you prefer videos, check it out.

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