[Ethereum] How to you decompile a smart contract


On the blockchain I can inspect the code of a contract, and see the EVM opcodes. Is there a way to decompile this and convert it back to (Solidity) source code?

Best Answer

Compilation back to the original source code is impossible because all variable names, type names and even function names are removed. It might be technically possible to arrive at some source code that is similar to the original source code but that is very complicated, especially when the optimizer was used during compilation. I don't know of any tools that do more than converting bytecode to opcodes.

Since contracts can access their own code and thus (ab)use the code for storing data, it is not always clear whether some part of the code is actually used as code or only as mere data and whether it makes sense to try and decompile it. It is computationally undecidable whether some piece of the code is reachable or not.

Note that there is no dedicated area to store creation-time fixed data (like lookup tables, etc). Apart from the code of the contract, it would also be possible to store the data in storage, but that would be way more expensive, so putting such data in the code is actually a common thing.

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