[Ethereum] Howto transfer BTC/ETH from coinbase to Mist / ethereum wallet


recently I bought some BTC on CoinBase. I've transfered the whole amount from the CoinBase BTC wallet into the CoinBase ethereum wallet. But how can I send that ETH into my Mist/Ethereum Wallet (e.g. using my wallet contract as receipient) ?

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Best Answer

Technically you're not sending it to your Mist wallet. You're sending it to another Ethereum address. Mist just helps you create accounts/addresses that are recognized by the Ethereum node that's embedded in Mist.

I have not used coinbase to send Ether. But I assume that coinbase provides some kind of a form to send Ether. In that form, you want to specify the address you want to send Ether to. That address should be one that you have in Mist.

NOTE: Before you hit the send button, double and triple check the address you are sending TO. If you send to the wrong address you've lost that money forever

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