[Ethereum] Is Solidity block.number more secure than timestamp


In Solidity, some properties such as block.timestamp are attackable by miners and are not (strongly) protected by the protocol. How about block.number, could a miner introduce a randomly high number?

EDIT: I'm thinking of securing a game which facilitates actions such as a pay out, after a certain time period elapsed.

Best Answer

The block number will always be correct by definition: It's number x in the chain, because it's chained on top of x-1.

However, as you say block.timestamp can be gamed a little bit - or with the cooperation of the economic majority of validating nodes a lot - which also means that the relationship of block.number to actual time can be gamed. So if you don't trust that a block.timestamp of 2017-01-01 will really be approximately 2017-01-01, you can't rely on counting the blocks that are supposed to be mined between now and 2017-01-01 either.

PS. People may be able to give you more helpful advice if you tell us what purpose you want to be secure for, and what you want to be secure against.

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