[Ethereum] Issue with New version of Metamask: Remix cannot detect the Metamask address


I have just installed Metamask version: 6.3.1

Now in Remix, the address of my account in metamask is not detected. The account box in remix remains always blank now (see picture below).

enter image description here

Note that I did not have this issue with an older version of metamask.

Question: How to resolve the above issue? so remix can detect metamask.

Best Answer

The reason it is not being read is because this version of Metamask enables privacy mode by default. What this does is require you to approve the application to view/use your wallets on Metamask.

For your specific issue, you have not yet approved Remix to use your accounts, therefore it cannot read your addresses, as you are seeing. To fix this, enable privacy mode by going the the Metamask settings and scrolling to the bottom.

Remix does not ask for permission to use the wallets like most Dapps do, therefore you must enable it in the settings, as opposed to approving the pop-up that you see on the tutorial.

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