[Ethereum] Ledger Nano S Google Ether wallet does not recognize device


I want to connect my Ledger Nano S to the Chrome Ethereum Wallet App, but it is unrecognized.

  • I setup a Ledger Nano S with Pin and Passphrase.
  • I downloaded the Chrome Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Manager apps.
  • First I opened the Chrome App Ethereum Wallet.
  • I connected the device; entered the PIN; navigated to Ethereum icon; and selected it by pushing both button simultaneously.
  • The Chrome Ethereum wallet still says, "Connect your device."

enter image description here

I read on the ledger site that the firmware needs to be up-to-date. I checked my firmware version it is 1.3.1. I opened the Ledger Manager app, and noticed that the latest version of the Ethereum app is 1.0.17. The version currently installed on the Nano S is 1.0.8.

enter image description here

I tried to install the latest version of Ethereum app on my device. I get an "Unable to install application" error.

enter image description here

So I tried to uninstall the current version by clicking the trash can icon. I get an "Unable to remove application" error.

enter image description here

FYI The Chrome Bitcoin App seems to work just fine.

enter image description here

I contacted technical support, but it says the wait could be 24-48 hours…

Best Answer

Had the same issue. Although it's counter intuitive, setting Browser support to "No" allows it to connect.

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but it does the trick

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