[Ethereum] My transaction showing up in internal transactions??? How to acquire it?


Hello and sorry if this problem is already solved, but i cant find it here unfortunately.

So, my problems started 8 days ago. I've withdrawn my ETH from Bitstamp to friends wallet using MEW and afterwards i've withdrawn to my JAXX wallet. I've already withdrawn numerous times from bitstamp, either to my wallet or to other exchange, so never had problem with any of transactions. This is their warning prior to witdhrawal
Please make sure that the receiving party supports Ethereum transactions generated from smart contracts prior to initiating an ETH withdrawal.

I've seen that MEW and JAXX supports smart contracts so no big deal. But, altough my transactions are checked as success, they never arrived in wallet.

Both of this transactions are in internal transactions of the wallet.


As you can see, on second link, i've already had internal transactions which was actually shown in my wallet, but not this one (last one – 0.96eth).

I've read about internal transactions now and still not understand what should i do. I've contacted bitstamp support and all they said to me is that funds left their wallet and they are not able to do anything.

Please help me, i am becoming desperate with this. I will send 0.33eth to the guy who help me solve this 🙁

Best Answer

Internal transactions, despite the name "aren't actual transactions", and aren't included directly in the blockchain; they are value transfers that were initiated by executing a smart contract (smart contract ETH transfer).

BitStamp ETH transfers require calling a smart contract to perform the transfer. These show up as internal transactions and are not indicated on the main ETH transaction history when looking for it on etherscan.io. When using BitStamp for withdrawing, you need to make sure that the receiving address supports smart contracts, like MyEtherWallet.

BitStamp deposited ETH into your account. It may be a bit confusing at first, but the transaction was successful and the funds are in your wallet. You can do whatever you want with the ETH in your wallet just as you would normally do.

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