[Ethereum] Overclocking and Incorrect/rejected shares


I recently started mining on my personal computer, hoping to get better results, I overclocked my GPU (I went from 48MH/s to 60MH/s) but after having done so, I started getting "Eth: Incorrect ETH share from GPU0" and "Eth: Share rejected in x ms" messages on the console, what does this mean?

(GPU is an RTX 3060 ti)

Best Answer

Its seems to be a widely known issue with the latest Nvidia drivers with people using Phoenix miner.

Using Phoenix Miner 5.5c Nvidia 461.40 drivers

The solution that worked for me was resetting the 3060ti to stock settings in MSI Afterburner. Starting phoenix miner and letting it run for a few minutes, then apply the usual overclocks, eliminates the incorrect shares issue for me.

I saw the solution from this reddit thread and it worked great. https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherMining/comments/khi084/rtx_3060_ti_incorrect_eth_share/