[Ethereum] Running out of gas when sending ETH from MetaMask to Poloniex


I tried making a eth transaction to poloniex. However, I keep getting the error that I ran out of gas. How can I avoid this? Do I have to keep increasing the GWEI? Until what number?

Here a screenshot from etherscan:

enter image description here

Best Answer

I found this whole "how much gas do I need?" issue very annoying as well.

I think I figured it out, and the amount is different depending on whether you are sending ether or sending tokens...

  1. Sending Ether to Another Address: It costs maximum 0.001 ether for gas fee when sending ether to another address, so always subtract 0.001 ether from the ether amount you are trying to send to ensure that you have enough ether for gas fee! It may not be exactly 0.001 ether that is eaten up in gas fee, but if you use 0.001 as a standard, you will find that if you are left over with any ether still in the sender address that it should be a very very small amount.

  2. Sending Tokens to Another Address: It costs 0.01 ether to send ERC-20 tokens. So when sending tokens, make sure that you have at least 0.01 ether lying around to pay your gas fee!

Hope this helps. It seems to work for me :)

Regards, Homer Simpson