[Ethereum] Sending money from Coinbase to My Ethereum wallet. It doesn’t appear the money


it has been one day, when I pass Ethers from Coinbase to my Ethereum wallet. And I still have 0.00 money. I've checked the address and it's ok.

What is the reason? Thank you.

Best Answer

If you are in doubt that a transaction has happened.

Get the transaction id (transaction hash) from the sending wallet (Coinbase). It looks like 0xc99d008a87cf6faa245314fe914a5a9f8a548d7c92b3fc9ed746b80713f947b7.

Then go to https://etherscan.io

Enter the transaction hash to the search box in the top right corner.

It will give you the transaction details: did it happen, when it did happen, who was the sender, who was the receiver and how much ETH was moved. If EtherScan shows the transaction correctly then it has happened and MyEtherWallet should show your balance.

Link to an example transaction:


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