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In Bitcoin, the total supply is capped at 21 million BTC. Is the total supply of Ether capped? How much will be mined before the Proof of Stake (POS) transition, and how will POS affect the issuance model?

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From reddit post

60 million + 12 million + 18million = ~90million
60 million - is the Pre-sale.
12 million - is the dev fund, 0.2coins per 1 coin sold in the crowdsale.
~18 million - 1 million coins mined per month for 18 months prior to going from POW to POS.

Update #1: 91,018,773.78 (April 25, 2017).
Update #2: 97,017,191.75 (Dec 13, 2017).

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After a while, 15,626,576 ether won't represent much of the total ether available, making the system dis-inflationary (i.e., inflation perpetually trending towards 0 but never reaching it).

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