[Ethereum] truffle-contract .new() contract method


The Truffle documentation says that the new() contract method deploys a new instance to the network.

I have the following code:

const Web3 = require('web3');
const provider = new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("http://localhost:8545");
const contract = require('truffle-contract');
const MyContractJSON = require('./contracts/MyContract.json');

const MyContract = contract(MyContractJSON);


MyContract.new().then(instance => {
    console.log('it worked');
}).catch(err => {
    console.log('error', err);

Why does the promise returned by new() throw an error that says "Invalid address"? It does this regardless of whether or not I've deployed a contract to the network using truffle deploy. Am I using new() incorrectly?

EDIT: several days later I still haven't figured it out, but I've observed that any methods having to do with addresses throw an "Invalid address" error. I'm using truffle-contract@2.0.5 and web3@0.20.0.

If I have a contract that looks like this

import "./OtherContract.sol";

contract MyContract {
    function createNewInstance() returns (OtherContract) {
        return new OtherContract();

and in the JS I do something like the JS above except with instance I call
instance.createNewInstance() I get an "invalid address" error.

Best Answer

Well, after a lot of digging and hacking, I found my answer.

It turns out that with truffle-contract you must provide addresses with each transaction call. So the above fails because there's no from address specified.

An example solution would be something like:

MyContract.new({from: 0x123...}).then(...);

Or by setting the defaults for MyContract, like so:

MyContract.defaults({from: 0x123...});
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