[Ethereum] Warning: Uninitialized storage pointer


I am try to compute the baby step giant step algorithm to find the discrete logarithm.
But because of the warning I can't compile the code.
It appears at the uint256[] storage A and uint256[] storage B

Here is the code:

function squareRoot(uint256 x) public returns (uint256 y) {
    uint256 z = (x + 1) / 2;
    y = x;
    while (z < y) {
        y = z;
        z = (x / z + z) / 2;

function ceiling(uint256 a) constant returns (uint256) {
    return (a / 1) * 1;

function proofOfWorkOptimized() onlyOwner public {
    uint256 base = 19;
    uint256 exponent;
    uint256 modulo = 221;
    uint256 valueAtIndexi;
    uint256 valueAtIndexj;

    uint256 rootCeiling = ceiling(squareRoot(modulo));

    uint256[] storage A;
    uint256[] storage B;

    for (uint256 i = 1; i <= rootCeiling; i++){
        uint256 result = base**i % modulo;
    for (uint256 j = 0; j < rootCeiling; j++){
        result = base**(rootCeiling*j) % modulo;
    for (i = 1; i <= A.length-1; i++){
        for (j = 1; j <= B.length-1; j++){
            if (i == j){
                valueAtIndexi = A[i];
                valueAtIndexj = B[j];
    exponent = ((valueAtIndexj + 1)*rootCeiling - valueAtIndexi) % modulo;

How can I fix it?

Best Answer

This is a little tricky. Unless you have a genuine reason not to, then you should declare A and B as memory, not storage. As it stands, your code writes 28 times to storage, which would cost 28 * 20,000 = 560,000 gas, a huge amount. Putting the arrays in memory would be substantially more efficient.

Declare A and B thus:

uint256[] memory A = new uint256[](rootCeiling);
uint256[] memory B = new uint256[](rootCeiling);

To write to A and B as memory arrays, you can't use push. Just do this:

A[i-1] = result;
B[j] = result;

Incidentally, the nested loop doesn't use the [0] indices of the arrays; you probably don't need to compute them if that's correct.

Disclaimer: the above is untested (but it does compile), so E&OE.

P.S. If you genuinely want A and B to be in storage, just move the declarations outside of function scope into the main body of the contract and drop the storage declaration (it is implied):

Contract Foo {
    uint256[] A;
    uint256[] B;
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