[Ethereum] What are good offline editors for solidity in windows?


I want to use a editor which shows some highlights while writing a solidity code. Please suggest a good editor for writing smart contracts solidity codes for windows. Like gedit for c language.

Best Answer

1. With my experience usin solidity, I'll recommend you Atom with its Solidity packages:

The Atom code editor works so well, you can edit documents in remote mode and connect with other developers to edit at the same time the same code. Also it looks fantastic and you can modify all the apperance of the interface just by editing it's CSS file.

2. Another nice option is use remix-IDE:

  • The gh-pages branch has always the latest stable build of Remix. It also contains a ZIP file with the entire build. Download it to use offline.
  • This is the only one wich lets you debug transactions of all of the code editors.

Note: it contains the latest release of Solidity available at the time of the packaging. No other compiler versions are supported.

VS Code Solidity package from Juan Blanco works fine but is very strict with the line breaks and spaces, if you do not put the ones that the package wants, it will mark them as errors and if you're not familiar with that line break syntax, you'll probably get tired of it.

Hope it helps!

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