[Ethereum] What are the different GUI’s available for Ethereum?


Are there any easy to use GUI's for Ethereum?

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Yes, the Meteor DApp wallet which provides a decentralized app which allows you to manage accounts, simple wallets, multisignature wallets and smart contracts on top of an eth/geth node.

Currently, there are binary releases available by the mist browser developers who bundled them into a nice clickable executable, called "Ethereum Wallet". Downloads here.

meteor dapp wallet

Also, when you run parity with the --webapp flag, you will get an interface on http://locahost:8080 for basic client statistics and an JSON interface:

enter image description here

In addition, there is the AlethZero C++ client, the so called hardcore client. (Not in the category easy-to-use but offers a GUI.)

alethzero hardcore wallet

The MIX IDE is targeted at developers of smart contracts, rather than end-users, it is also not easy to use, but it also allows you to interact with the blockchain by utilizing the GUI.

enter image description here

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