[Ethereum] What’s the advantage of EthOS over Ubuntu or Windows mining


What exactly is the EthOs Distro? As far as I understand it's an ethereum-dedicated linux. Why should someone want to use it?

What's the advantage of EthOS over Ubuntu or Windows? What are the features? Better mining?

Best Answer

It seems to be sold as pre-installed SSDs - a convenience option? They also sell their "Digital Download" for the same price as a physical SSD with ethOS on, which is rather... unusual pricing.

The ethOS licence is indecisive. They can't decide if they're GPL or... I'm not sure if I understand their "other" licence correctly, but it involves a small goat with red eyes.

ethOS is in the "Commercial Deployment" section of their store, which suggests it's intended for, well, commercial deployment.

Their "Dev Hours" timesheet, assuming it's solid hours, is also at least partially inconsistent, as ethOS 1.0 is given as "500 hours"... except that's 20 solid days, and checking the dates shows that they took 25 days - they would've been getting 4 hours of sleep every day. [MN: Or it means that more than one person worked on the task at the same time.]


  • Some small amount of convenience.
  • The web monitor? (Though their demo page for it doesn't show much, there may be something about it you consider useful.)
  • Depending on how it's implemented (They don't show this), the "remote configuration" may also be useful.


  • Cost.
  • Updates presumably tied to ethOS update release schedule.

Things that will not change:

  • Mining speed, as far as I can tell.