[Ethereum] Where is the geth.exe in the Ethereum mist


I'm running Ethereum Mist on Windows 7. Mist Version is 0.8.6.

I can't find the geth.exe in the Mist github.


In the version 0.8.2, the geth path was "mist\nodes\geth\win32-x64\geth.exe".

Anyone help me.

Best Answer

The recent version of Mist (and Ethereum Wallet) will download the appropriate version of geth.exe (Windows) or geth (Linux or OS/X) and save it into the config directory.

From Mist Browser:

NOTE: client-binaries (e.g. geth) specified in clientBinaries.json will be checked during every startup and downloaded if out-of-date, binaries are stored in the config folder.

From Config folder:

The data folder for Mist is stored in other places:

Windows %APPDATA%\Mist

macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Mist

Linux ~/.config/Mist

In Windows, you will find geth.exe in a path like C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\Mist\binaries\Geth\unpacked.

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