(1) under Gold Apples and Starfruit buttons


(1) under Gold Apple and Starfruit buttons

As you can see, there's a (1) under both the Gold Apples and Starfruit buttons. I've tried tapping them, but there's nothing seemingly pertaining to the "notifications". I've already claimed the "thank you" Starfruit × 500 and Gold Apple × 20 bonuses (last page of the Featured tab of the pop-up that opens by pressing on either of the two buttons, i.e. the Store), but the (1)s don't go away. I've also tried searching it online, but haven't found anything.

Is there a way to make them go? They somewhat annoy me, and I feel like I'm missing something.

EDIT: So far, I have debunked the theory that it represents availability of a video I can watch so that I can earn Golden Apples or Starfruit, since it's still showing after turning Internet access off.

Best Answer

It's just to tell you of new deals and all the sort. I've seen them on other gameplay videos, and it's entirely the same.

Don't worry, you're not missing any items, just some (expensive) discounts!