Advantage of fortress becoming capital


It's my understanding that when the Monarch arrives, the fortress becomes the civilization's capital. Hence I stop getting dwarven liaisons (which would mean I would stop getting dwarven caravans, that provide me with some necessary resources not available in my embark location).

The wiki is also amiss on what happens to said civilization when the fortress eventually crumbles. What I want to know is:

  • Does receiving the Monarch or becoming the capital provide any tangible (economical, military, social) advantage?
  • What happens after the fortress ends (or when the Monarch dies)? Does the civilization keep going?

Best Answer

You receive a monarch and their entourage of Elite Fighters with +5 legendary skill in their weapon of choice. Accomplished skills in the other fighting traits, and the I don't care about anything anymore attitude. This King or Queen may also be a vampire, as is somewhat common for vampires that go undetected in a civilization.

Nothing happens if the Monarch dies, and yes your civilization will never stop going until all the fun has been had.